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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it genuine product?

    Yes, we guarantee 100% ORIGINAL D'renbellony products.
2. Are all the items on the website ready stock?
    Yes, the items in our website are ready stock, if the items you want are details OUT OF STOCK, you can contact us to book the items.
    All our products continuous production, so that if there is an empty product, we take a maximum of 14 days to producing.
3. Is able to make purchases anywhere?
    If you live in Semarang, please come to our office on the Weekday:
    Monday - Friday: 09:00 to 17:00 pm
    Saturday: 09.00 am - 15.00 pm
4. Is the payment system can use Cash on Delivery ?
    Payment can be made with the COD system for customers who live in Semarang and make agreement to us first.
5. Is the item already purchased can be return?
    Returns can only be served if there is a defect of our production. Returns postage and postage for the replacement item will be fully in our responsibility.
    There will be a free gift as a compliment from us.
    All the stuff that comes out of us is gone through a rigorous Quality Control process, but it possibly an error happen on our QC.
    Returns confirmation no later than 2 days after the item is received by the customer. And be sure not hang tag lost / separated.
6. Are there any special terms and prices to be joined as a reseller?
    Yes, for our resellers provide special prices along with very easy terms.
     Please check Join as Reseller to determine the types of cooperation with us and then contact us to obtain information and the wholesale price.
7. Is it permissible to choose expedition for shipping?
    The main expedition that we use is JNE. If you want to use other shipping, please contact us and we will inform and provide input on the expedition
    economically and in accordance with your package.
8. What is an affiliate program?
     Affiliate Program is an opportunity for you who want to make a profit by just recommending our website and products to the
     other. For more complete information, please contact our Customer Service.