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  • Travelling Clothes Organizer Women D'renbellony

  • Travelling Clothes Organizer Women D'renbellony
  • Travelling Clothes Organizer Women D'renbellony
  • Travelling Clothes Organizer Women D'renbellony

Travelling Clothes Organizer Women D'renbellony

  • Product Code: TCO-WOMEN
  • Availability: In Stock
  • IDR 205,000

Carrying clothes when traveling is a sure thing .. and often the following occur on our clothes: 
 - When the suitcase / bag behind and forth either in the trunk of a car / plane we wear often be messy and we do not necessarily have the opportunity to iron our clothes
 - Underwear, socks, belt, tie small size often keselip-skid and we have to stir the contents of the suitcase to look for
 Therefore ...
 Travelling Clothes Organizer from D' renbellony helped us organize the clothes we brought in a neat, avoid the risk of tangled clothes ..
 And when the time is traveling underwear of course we bring in large quantities which would be better if neat that are easy to find, therefore TCO D' renbellony give bonus screens to underwear
 Barriers to women' s and men' s underwear men' s underwear more distinguished as big and bulky when folded: 
 TCO with insulation for Male ( Men) : 18 boxes for underwear / handkerchief / belt / tie / socks ( meet all storage) 
 TCO with insulation for Female ( Women) : 14 boxes for underwear / socks ( do not meet the entire storage because storage half prepared to bra) 
 The added value of TCO D' renbellony are: 
 - When not in use can be folded small so do not eat there when saving
 - Can expand storage .. from 1 to 2 storage .. we can adjust it to suit our tastes .. example: 
 • on underwear, under garments
 • the underwear husband, the wife underwear
 • the clean clothes, the dirty clothes
 • use only one storage only when it is traveling only briefly and own an
 Another pleasure to have TCO D' renbellony is when we are traveling only 1-2 nights with a very little clothing .. certainly carry luggage / bag traveling the greatness ..
 With the TCO D' renbellony, we just put our clothes in the TCO D' renbellony then put in a handbag size we have like Long Champ, we do not need to carry heavy suitcases traveling bag even if it is only 1-2 night flier
 TCO D' renbellony makes us one more step has a neat life style.
 Male underwear with insulation TCO ( TCO-M) : Black, Navy Blue, Brown
 Female underwear with insulation TCO ( TCO F) : Red, White, Purple, Orange, Turquise Blue
 Size: L22 x P28 x T9; currently being developed storage doubel L22 x P28 x T18
 TCO: parachute
 Bulkhead underwear: plastic

 If you want to add insulation Male / Female: IDR 20.000


Panjang (height) : 18.00 Cm
Lebar (width) : 22.00 Cm
Tinggi (length) : 28.00kg Cm
Berat (weight) : 0.10kg Kg

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